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Common Procedures In Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentists these days perform much more than just extracting or fixing a bad tooth. They do a variety of procedures that can bring back the smile on your face. Cosmetic dentistry has a lot of techniques that can treat chipped, discolored or missing teeth. They can close gaps, shorten or increase the length of your teeth or merely reshape it. Though these methods look like they are for cosmetic reasons, many of these can improve your oral health as per renowned dentist bloor west village. Read this to know in detail about cosmetic dentistry www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-25286/The-complete-guide-cosmetic-dentistry.html.
Some of the most common techniques in cosmetic dentistry are listed below.

Bleaching: This is a favorite technique which many people undergo so that they can whiten their discolored teeth. There are many reasons due to which discoloration can happen; it can be due to consumption of caffeine, smoking cigarettes, due to reaction to certain medications or even age. Sometimes the stain is seen in small kids which is heredity.
Bleaching is a chemical process where the stains on the teeth are removed to make it look white. A custom-made mouthpiece is made to the size of your dentition and ensures that the right quantity of bleach is used and your teeth are appropriately treated. It needs one or more than one session of an hour each to get the shade you want.

Reshaping: This method is opted by people who have improper teeth. Your teeth can be crooked or shaped irregularly, chipped or overlapping and this procedure can reshape them to the right shape. You can also change the shape, length and even the position of the teeth so that your tooth looks well aligned and also aids in the proper eating of food. Many people who have healthy teeth but want to change the look when they smile opt for this treatment. The only prerequisite for this procedure is that there should be enough bone support to make those changes. An x-ray will be conducted to check the parameters of the tooth.

Veneers: This method is performed on teeth which are chipped or are uneven. Even crooked and odd shaped tooth can be fixed by performing this procedure. This treatment is an alternative to the more expensive crown procedure. Your dentist will take the imprint of the tooth where veneer has to be fixed, then your tooth will be buffed, and the veneer is cemented onto the tooth. Later, light therapy is used so that it becomes hard. This treatment stays longer than bonding.

Bonding: If you are looking to fill the gaps in your teeth or change the color you should opt for bonding. This treatment can work on chipped, decayed or discolored teeth and can last for many years. Composite resins can be used to fill spaces between teeth or can be used to cover the whole surface of the teeth and change the shape and color.
If you are looking for a procedure that suits you, you should check with your dentist and decide based on the tooth condition and the results that you want from the treatment.