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How To Treat Blepharitis At Home?

Blepharitis remedies

Vision is vital to us. However, our vision can be affected due to some unfortunate diseases or eye conditions. Blepharitis is an eye condition that is common among human beings. This condition is characterized by inflammation and flaky patches in the eyelid. According to the researchers, this is one of the underdiagnosed conditions. Those who are suffering from this condition may try some of the blepharitis home treatment. If you wish to know all the possible treatments available for blepharitis, you may check this review.

One should get this condition treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can further develop severe eye conditions and can even result in vision loss. There are ways to prevent this condition affecting our eyelids. People, who are already affected may try natural remedies.

You can apply a warm compress over the eyelid. This will help to increase the blood flow to the eyelid, thereby easing the condition and increase the rate of healing. You do this by taking a clean towel and soaking it in warm water and placing the towel over the affected eye. You should do it at least three times a day for quick healing. If this does not work then clean the affected eyes with water-soaked cotton pad and gentle shampoo. This will help to remove the dry flakes.

Applying black tea on the eye can be used as black tea is known for the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property. Just put the black tea bag in boiling water and allow it to be steep. Then let the tea bag cool down and squeeze it to remove the water content. Now place the tea bag on the affected eyelid for about 10 minutes. Throw the tea bag in the dustbin.

Tea tree oil can be an excellent remedy because of its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. This oil can relieve flaky and dry skin and also eliminate dandruff, which is one of the reasons for blepharitis.

You should avoid makeup and use contact lens when you are affected by blepharitis. This is because both makeup and contact lenses reduce the level of hygiene, thereby increasing the risk of blepharitis.

You should try to cure dandruff as soon as possible. There are many natural remedies for dandruff such as coconut oil, neem oil, and other essential oils.

Make sure to have food that is rich in anti-inflammatory. This will help you effectively minimize the blepharitis symptoms. Food like coconut oil, avocado, seeds, and nuts are great for treating inflammation.

Blinking continuously can result in increased secretion of oil by the meibomian glands, which halts the factors that result in dry eyes.

Now let us look into some tips for preventing blepharitis. Wash your eye gently with warm water and mild soap. This will help the possibility of microbes to affect the eyelid. Use skin care products that are free from chemicals. Treat dandruff as quickly as possible. Always insist on using natural remedies for dandruff treatment and not the chemical based shampoos.